Simultaneous interpretation into Italian, French, and English will be provided for all lectures.

Tuesday 26th June

6:00 PM

Words of Welcome

Rector of the Gregorian University / P. Nuno da Silva Gonçalves
President of the PISAI / Valentino Cottini
President of the FUCE / Thierry Magnin
PLURIEL Coordinator / Michel Younès

Opening Speech

: Tobias Specker


Wednesday 27th June


General Introduction

Leïla Babès



Plenary Conference

  • The question of Community Belonging and its current ambiguities, Ghaleb Bencheikh

Chairman: Michel Younès



Panel Discussion (4x20’) 

1st sub-topic: Belongings and Communities

Moderator: Roula Talhouk

  • Al-Wala wa-el-bara: an Issue of Controversy in Contemporary Islam About the Perception and the Status of the Other, Emmanuel Pisani
  • Religious affiliation, belonging and apostaasy : a case study of Christian and Moslem conceptions, Dirk Ansorge
  • Islamic religious education in Public schools. A study on its implementation, curriculum and social impact on the Spanish case, Jaume Flaquer
  • When religion divides the "community". Dynamics of violence and pacification within Arab levant, Marco Demichelis


Panel Discussion  (4x20’) 

2nd sub-topic: Belongings and Territories

Moderator:  Michel Younès

  • Islam and Belonging: Between Continuity and Rupture, Ali Mostfa
  • A comparative approach to the concepts of the Common Good and Maslaha, Gonzalo Villagran
  • Belonging(s) and Territory(ies) Through the Prism of Religion, Wael Saleh
  • Religious Freedom: an Instrument for Managing (Citizen) Pluralism on Both Sides of the Mediterranean, Alessandro Ferrari


Workshops  (PLURIEL Network Researchers)

3 groups of 20 Speakers


Thursday 28th  June


Plenary Conference

The Jinsiyya Obsession and the Muwatana Veil: The Constitutional Politics of Citizenship in the 21st Century, Gianluca Parolin

Chairman: Diego Sarrio



Plenary Conference  (4x20’) 

3rd sub-topic: Belongings and Citizenships

Moderator: Thom Sicking

  • No belonging for believers? A comparative study of Talal Asad's and Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im's discussions of Muslims and their (non-)belonging in the secular-liberal state, Michaela Neulinger
  • Contextualising Islam in Contemporary Spain by Focusing on the Existing Network of Associations and Muslim Foundations, José Luis Llaquet
  • House of agreement - the Islamic tradition of Bosniaks ans it's Europeanness, Anja Zalta
  • The foundations of Citizenship of non-Muslims - Contemporary Readings of Egypt and Lebanon, Anna Hager




Laurent Basanèse



Final Lecture

His Eminence The Cardinal TAURAN, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue