Panel 1 : Geopolitical Approach

11.30 - 1.30PM - Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth


Room A (live translation in Arabic, English and French)

Chairman : Laurent BASANESE

  • ADRAOUI Mohamed-Ali (USA)  |  Islamists and international relations. What is their world view and their diplomatic practices? Global emergence, evolution and amendment of a culturalist and antagonistic theory
  • SENIGUER Haoues (France)  |  Sunni Muslim integralism in the face of (a)confessional otherness, between theology and politics: social adaptability, theological inertia?
  • TORTOLINI Alessia (Italy)  |  Swinging Foreign Policy: The Iranian Umma in International Relations
  • BRODEUR Patrice (Canada) | Twentieth century transformations in Arab Muslim perceptions of religious Others

Room B

Chairman : Jaume FLAQUER
  • MEDHAT Mohamed (France) |  Islam, Law, and the making of otherness (religious defamation cases in Egypt as a case study)
  • SHEIKH Naveed (Royaume Uni)  |  Otherness in the Constitution of Medina - Revisiting the Foundations of Islamic Politics in an Age of Schism
  • SETTOUL Elyamine (France)  Being a Muslim in the French armies. Between trivialisation and otherness.
  • DHRIMEUR Amina (Allemagne) | The "us" against the "others", the populist political style of the Islamist party the PJD

Room C

Chairman : Dirk ANSORGE
  • ALHOURANI Alla (Afrique du Sud) |  Aesthetic formations of muslim-ness, citizenship and belongings in Cape Town
  • EVIRGEN Yuusf (Turquie)  |  Understanding post-Islamists’ ‘Othering’: The AK Party Case from 2002 to 2011
  • NESTOROVIC Cédomir (Singapour)  The Muslim as 'other' in the former Yugoslavia
  • VASFI Mohamed Reza | The rights of non-Muslims in Iran, and how it relates to sharia