All the lectures will be simultaneously translated into english, arabic and french. 

Tuesday, April, 14th,2020 (Congress, Day 1)


9.00 Welcoming
9.30 Words of Welcome
9.40 Presentation of the Theme of The Congress "Islam and Otherness" : Emmanuel Pisani
10.00 Lecture

The other in Islamic civilization: from the immanence of cultures to divine transcendence

Raja SAKRANI, Jurist and Cultural Science scholar at the Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study “Law as Culture”, University of Bonn
11.00 Break
11.30 PANEL 1 : Geopolitical approach
3 rooms
1.30 PM Lunch




2.30 PANEL 2 : Dialogal approach
3 rooms
4.30 Break
5.00 Official Words
Michel Scheuer, Vice-Rector USJ
Khalil Chalfoun, Rector Sagesse University,
François Mabille, IFCU General Secretary
Michel Jalakh, Representant of FUCE
Michel Younès, PLURIEL Coordinator


Islam and otherness, what challenges for education in a context of plurality?

Salim DACCACHE, rector of USJ


Wednesday, April, 15th,2020 (Congress, Day 2)


9.00 Presentation of the work of 4 PLURIEL Research groups
11.00 Break
11.30 Lecture

Islam and the Salvation of non-Muslims: The Qur’anic Perspective

Gabriel Said REYNOLDS

Chairman : Michel Younès
12.30 Lunch


1.30 PANEL 3 : Citizenship approach (Muwatana)
3.30 Break
4.00 Synthesis by PLURIEL Team

Thursday, April, 16th, 2020 (Study Day)

Beyrouth, Université La Sagesse


9.00 Crossed visions of PhD Candidates and Junior Researchers
10.30 Break
11.30 The experience of the other in Lebanon: Chaldean, Alawite, evangelical, "the 19th community"
(from a point of view of a minority of the minority and reactions of "majorities")

Round table with religious figures: Maronite, Sunni, Druze, Shiite, Orthodox, Armenian ...
12.30 Lunch


1.30 Workshops with local associations
 3.30  Break
 4.00  Visit of Worship places in Beirut with Thom Sicking

Friday, April, 17th, 2020 (Visit)

Cultural visits in North Lebanon
(program to come)