Dr. jur. Raja Sakrani

Conférence : L´autre dans la civilisation islamique: entre l´immanence des cultures et la transcendance divine
Mardi 14 avril 2020 à 10h00

La conférence sera donnée en français et traduite simultanément en arabe et en anglais.

Raja Sakrani is a jurist and a cultural science scholar. Since 2009, she is Research Coordinator at the Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities “Law as Culture” (Bonn) in the development and shaping of which she has been decisively involved from the project planning stage, via fund-raising to implementation. Currently, her research examines the presence of Islamic normativities in Europe, enlarging the view of how the Other is treated in a complicated normative situation. She is also interested in her researches on the impact of Islamic legal cultures on European legal history and the development of a deeper understanding of Islamic legal cultures that benefit from the analytical tools of cultural science legal studies.

From 2009 to 2010, Dr. Sakrani was a fellow at the ZRWP (Zentrum für Religion, Wirtschaft und Politik) in Basel, where she worked and published in 2012 and 2013 on: „Religion als Legitimation einer Geltungskultur? Islamische Rechtskulturen in Europa im Wandel“; „Die Präsenz islamischer Traditionen im öffentlichen Raum. Widerstreitende Konzepte von ‘privatem’ und ‘öffentlichem’ Raum,“and „Das Verbot von Zinsnahme und Risikogeschäften. Theorie und Praxis islamischer Finanzethik“. Her research focus emerged from her personal experience, dealing with the presence of Islamic law in Europe and the dramatic changes occurring in the Islamically influenced “post-spring period. Raja Sakrani’s academic interests are thus closely linked to her biographical background, combining the legal complexity of a postcolonial normative order (Tunisia) with the challenges of global law. This focus in her research led to a doctoral thesis about the genesis of a famous civil code in the Maghreb (COC, DOC), which brought together legal traditions of Islam and European Law.

Since some years, her research focuses on the reciprocal presence of Islamic traditions in Europe, which is historically conditioned by the “episode” of al-Andalus enlarging the view of how the Other is treated in a complicated normative situation. The magic formula of “convivencia” between the great religions became one of her favorite topics of research, as conducted in an international and interdisciplinary research project with the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History at Francfort (Sakrani, Rg-2018:The Dhimmi as the Other of Multiple Convivencias in al-Andalus. Protection, Tolerance and Domination in Islamic Law; SSRN-MPI-2016: Convivencia: Reflections about its ‘Kulturbedeutung’ and Rereading the Normative Histories of Living Together; Rg-2014: The Law of the Other. An unknown Islamic chapter in the legal history of Europe).

She has conducted research and teaching activities at the Universities of Paris (Sorbonne), Bonn, Basel and Madrid