Panel 1 : Axe géopolitique

MARDI 14 AVRIL 2020 
11h30 - 13h30 - Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth

Salle A

  • ADRAOUI Mohamed-Ali (USA)  |  Islamists and international relations. What is their world view and their diplomatic practices? Global emergence, evolution and amendment of a culturalist and antagonistic theory
  • GAMAL Mohamed (Egypt)  |  The concept of "citizenship" in the Azhari discourse. Problems and contradictions
  • SENIGUER Haoues (France) |  Sunni Muslim integralism in the face of (a)confessional otherness, between theology and politics: social adaptability, theological inertia? 
  • TORTOLINI Alessia (Italy)  |  Swinging Foreign Policy: The Iranian Umma in International Relations

Salle B

  • AL-ATTAR Mariam (United Arab Emirates)  |  The status of others in contemporary Islamic thought
  • PK Sadique (India)  |  Citizenship politics and emerging new Muslim Youth Activism in South India
    SANNI Amidu (Nigeria)  |  Muslim-Christian Scholarly Collaboration on the Qur’an and the Bible in 19th C Sudanic Africa: A Unique Narrative
  • VALTER Stéphane (France)  |  Al-Azhar in the face of societal changes, or the Islamic tradition between paralysis and openness