Panel 2 : Axe dialogal

MARDI 14 AVRIL 2020 
14h30 - 16h30 - Université Saint Joseph de Beyrouth

Salle A

  • BREIDY Vanessa (Italy)  |  Unity of God and unity in God – a possible perspective and way of dialogue between the believers?
  • DEMICHELIS Marco (Spain)  |  Islamic Christology (Kristulujia) and Christian Monotheism (al-Tawhid). A dialogical debate for contemporary on ’Ibn/’Abn?’ and the Active/Essential God’s Attributes.
  • MARUSEK Sarah (South Africa)  |  Islam and Otherness: A Liberation Theology Approach
  • REYNOLDS Gabriel Said (USA)  |  Islam and the Salvation of non-Muslims: The Qur’anic Perspective

Salle B

  • DRHIMEUR Amina (Germany)  |  The "us" against the "others", the populist political style of the Islamist party the PJD
  • MEDHAT Mohamed (France)  |  Islam, Law, and the making of otherness (religious defamation cases in Egypt as a case study)
  • SHEIKH Naveed (United Kingdom) Otherness in the Constitution of Medina - Revisiting the Foundations of Islamic Politics in an Age of Schism

Salle C

  • AIT KABBOURA Mounia (Canada)  |  Radical evil and the Canadian multiculturalist otherness
  • ARBACHE Samir (France)  |  Religious and Cultural Otherness: Debating Issues in Islam
  • MOSTFA Ali (France) The Other and Otherness in the Arabic Language and Culture
  • RICHARD Thomas (France)  |  Medieval Islam in the cinema. A dialogue in four films

Salle D

  • CAUCANAS Rémi (France / Kenya)  |  Islamic-Christian relations in East Africa: late experience or model to follow?
  • EL FIRM Mohamed (Morocco)  |  The Construction of Otherness through Education: An Evaluation of Moroccan Religious Textbooks
  • KEPPLINGER Eva (Germany)  |   Between “Their Theological Beliefs will Harm the Religion of your Children” and “They are our Friends and Neighbors”: The Contextualisation and Analysis of Rashid Rida´s Fatwas on Religious Otherness
  • NAJM Jafar  |  Christians between the Sufi Islam mainstream and the interpretations of liberal Islam / A look into the future of doctrinal dogmatism